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Sonia Sousa

Co-Founder and CEO

Kenzen Inc.

Fantastic voyage - peering inside the body.


Our body is talking to us all the time, we just can't hear it. What will it take to build a megaphone and a translator? What already exists today and what still needs to be built? Kenzen is pioneering new ways not just to peer inside our bodies, but to understand how we choose to live in them—and to improve our chances of doing so better, longer—using tiny sensors, big data, and the portable supercomputers we call smartphones.

Meet the Speaker:

Sonia Sousa is the CEO and Co-founder of Kenzen Inc. Prior to Kenzen, she served as GM for the Bio-‐Product division at Solazyme, where she contributed to the firm’s successful IPO and orchestrated the expansion of the bio-‐products business from one to multiple product lines. At Agilent Technologies, Sonia was responsible for a new business unit that extended product lines. At DuPont, Sonia grew the business from $30 to $100MM and was DuPont’s Global R&D director responsible for business innovation, expanding current business into adjacent markets. She also held strategic marketing and product development roles at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Sonia has an MBA from Pepperdine University, a Ph.D. in Photonics and Neural Networks from Utah State University, and a BS in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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