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Stephanie Hughes

Environmental Science Lecturer

Santa Clara University

Reinventing Garbage: Innovations in recycling and beyond


What happens to a recycled soda can? A composted banana peel? An old iPhone? We’ll talk about why recycling matters and how it connects to other topics, like climate change. See and hear what engineers and scientists are doing to make it even easier to recycle stuff. And consider a mind-bending idea that might take us to the next step.

Meet the Speaker:

Stephanie Hughes is a Chemical Engineer who runs her own business and teaches Environmental Science at Santa Clara University. Stephanie has Masters degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Her SCU classes include The Joy of Garbage, Solar Revolution, Energy and the Environment, and Environmental Technology. As an environmental consultant, Stephanie works with California agencies to reduce water pollutants including mercury, lead, pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, and pharmaceuticals.

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