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Susannah Shattuck

Client Engagement Leader


Face Tagging, Movie Recommendations, & Talking Computers: An Introduction to Why You Should Care About Artificial Intelligence


When you hear the words "artificial intelligence," do you imagine walking, talking robots who will take over the world in the distant future? Well, you might be surprised to learn that AI is already here—and you're probably interacting with artificially intelligent systems every day. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing fields in technology, and it has the potential to change the world in amazing—and sometimes frightening—ways. This talk will cover the basics of what makes a computer "artificially intelligent," and how that intelligence works. You will learn what it takes to train an AI, and we will look at demonstrations of real-world applications that use AI to solve all kinds of different problems—from winning the gameshow Jeopardy to recommending good movies.

Meet the Speaker:

Susannah Shattuck loves technology, and she has spent her career connecting the dots between people and machines. Currently, Susannah works at IBM, where she is responsible for educating clients from every industry about Watson technology and helping them envision how artificial intelligence can transform their businesses. She is a Certified Watson Application Developer, and when she’s not working with clients, she loves playing around with Watson APIs to build her own cognitive apps. Prior to her role at IBM, Susannah worked at Prezi, a presentation software company, where she helped people reimagine visual communication. She holds a BA in History from Yale University. Susannah lives and works in San Francisco, and on weekends you’re most likely to find her climbing up Bernal Hill or enjoying a picnic in Dolores Park.

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