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Ted Salazar

Electric Program Manager

Silicon Valley Power

The Energy Transformation


A “big energy transformation” is happening right now that you should be aware of. Humans are responsible for increasing global warming and there are many challenges that need to be solved. Which greenhouse gas and what are the sources most responsible for this increase? What are renewable energy sources and are they all equal? What will it take to change from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy? What is really stopping us from using 100% solar energy tomorrow? We will discuss some of the challenges, some of the options, some of the needs, government regulations and how you can enter a career that can help save humanity and planet earth.

Meet the Speaker:

I've designed consumer and industrial electronic equipment and subsystems for over 20 years but more recently I am an electric program manager who works hard at helping to keep the lights on in the City of Santa Clara while doing my part to support the energy transformation.

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