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Vivian Chen & Zoe Ryan

Solution Architects


Creative solutions to technical problems with NVIDIA


As Solution’s Architects at NVIDIA we get the opportunity to see NVIDIA software and hardware work in the hands of customers. In this talk we will focus our attention on NVIDIA's Omniverse, a platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation. This multifaceted tool applies to customers working in professional visualizations and even to those doing large scale simulations. While we can’t cover all aspects of Omniverse, Vivian will demonstrate how NVIDIA’s conversational AI solutions and Omniverse’s real-time rendering help customers create a realistic and natural mixed reality experience and Zoe will show how training robots in a virtual world prepares them to be deployed in the real world. Overall, in this talk we will focus on how our experience in both the arts and technology informs our work with customers using NVIDIA Omniverse.

Meet the Speaker:

Zoe is a solutions architect at NVIDIA. She has worked in embedded systems/simulations and GPU accelerated high performance computing targeting specifically higher education institutions and researchers to adopt and fully utilize GPU technology. Previously, Zoe earned her B.S. in computer science and mathematics from Harvey Mudd College in California where she also got a minor in art which she uses today to make wheel thrown ceramics outside of work!

Vivian is a solutions architect at NVIDIA focusing on the intersection between professional visualization and deep learning. Prior to NVIDIA, she received M.S. in Operations Research from Columbia University, B.S. in applied mathematics and B.A. in fine arts at University of Rochester.

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